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December 15-17, 2023

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"Transcendent, whimsical fun!"


"A thoroughly original hip-hop revision of Tchaikovsky."--The Hartford Courant

"Modern versions of The Nutcracker – from Jennifer Weber's "Hip Hop Nutcracker," to Mark Morris’ "The Hard Nut" to CONNetic Dance’s "Nutcracker Suite & Spicy" mix up the classic with new movement, settings and design elements."--Dance Informa 

"The troupe has gained a reputation for being innovative and different, as anyone who's attended their now annaul production of 'The Nutcracker Suite & Spicy' can attest."   --CT NOW

"Carolyn Paine, is almost always on her toes. The entrepreneur/actor/ dancer/comedian extraordinaire has years of dancing under her belt and a relentless creative streak."- Innovation Destination

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